PORTUGAL :: Attack: Aboubacar hattrick, Storm proof (vidéo)

Attack: Aboubacar hattrick, Storm proof (vidéo)

portugal,attack,aboubacar,hattrick,storm,proof,video,PORTUGAL :: Attack: Aboubacar hattrick, Storm proof (vidéo)FC Porto returned to the top of the league after winning 5-0 at Estádio do Bonfim, with a hat-trick from Aboubakar

FC Porto returned to the lead of Liga NOS League after beating Vitória de Setúbal 5-0 this Sunday night, despite the adverse weather conditions that made it difficult to play football. In addition to the goals of Aboubakar (3) and Marega (2), which gave expression to the scoreboard and leave the Dragons with 36 points (the same as Sporting), the weather was one of the biggest obstacles for both teams, who were forced to deal with a lot of rain and especially the wind that was felt in the region of Setúbal and that is blowing through most of the national territory.

Apart from that, the first-half of the blue and white team ended up leading to an easy victory at Estádio do Bonfim, even if Setúbal usually makes use of the home advantage. And the home team was in fact the first to pose danger, with Edinho wasting the best chance Setúbal had throughout the match, two minutes in: the shot came out weak, easy for José Sá to pick it up. From there, the Dragons woke up and started setting their game, hampered in the first few minutes by the five defenders barrier set up by Jose Couceiro.

Aboubakar's inspired evening started to show early. Four minutes in and the Cameroonian striker had the first attempt to open the scoreboard, in a header, doing the same on minute 12, and again on minute 31, for, finally, the first goal. Assisted by Alex Telles (sixth assist for the fullback in the championship), who, minutes before, was very close to scoring an Olympic goal, the Cameroonian striker ended up doing what he tried to offer to Brahimi minutes before: the opening goal of the match. With the scoreboard open, the bigger blue and white quality came up and, even on cruise speed, goal kept on coming.

Vidéo ici

40 minutes in, Marega was in the right place to put the ball in the back of the net after Ricardo hit the post, following a good save from Cristiano to a first shot by Aboubakar. The Cameroon had two more moments reserved: the first came just before the end of the first-half, from penalty - for a tackle on him -, 45+4m, and the second, in the second-half, successfully scoring from a very well imagined play from Marega.

Two more goals ended up being the biggest highlights of the entire second-half, played at lower pace and intensity. But, in terms of rhythm and speed, everyone knows that Marega has no half measures. In the last run of the match, the Malian forward made good use of a bad cut and ran towards the goal, leaving everyone behind. And to make everything even more beautiful, he finished in class as Cristiano left the goal, lobbying the goalkeeper for the last goal in the blue and white beating. With the chapter in Setúbal over, the Portuguese Cup is next, with Vitória de Guimarães visiting Estádio do Dragão this Thursday, in the fight for a spot in the quarter-finals.

 Sun, 10 December 2017 • 8:15 PM
Stadium: Bonfim, Setúbal
Matchday 14
Vitória Setúbal 0-5 FC Porto
Referee: Tiago Martins
Assistant Referees: André Campos and Pedro Ribeiro 
4th Referee: Carlos Espadinha (VAR: Rui Oliveira)

31' Aboubakar 
40' Marega 
45+4' Aboubakar 
69' Aboubakar 
82' Marega 

1 Cristiano
14 Pedro Pinto
5 César
13 Vasco Fernandes (c) (25')
21 Nuno Pinto
8 Nenê Bonilha (43')
6 Tomás Podstawski
11 Costinha
10 João Teixeira
36 Edinho
24 João Amaral

88 Pedro Trigueira
7 Arnold Issoko (66' Vasco Fernandes)
16 André Sousa
27 André Pedrosa (73' Tomás Podstawski)
28 Willyan
33 Allef (81' João Amaral)
44 Bernardo Morgado

Coach José Couceiro

12 José Sá
2 Maxi
23 Reyes (45+2')
5 Marcano
13 Alex Telles
22 Danilo
16 Herrera (c)
21 Ricardo
8 Brahimi
11 Marega
9 Aboubakar

1 Casillas
28 Felipe
27 Sérgio Oliveira
20 André André (84') (65' Ricardo)
17 Corona  (46' Brahimi)
7 Hernâni
29 Soares  (73' Danilo)

Coach Sérgio Conceição

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